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Teaching Your Kids at Home

Many life lessons learned at home by homeschooled kids are, sad to say, not being taught in schools. Although schools teach great academics and children learn these subjects well, they are sadly lacking in teaching them how to live life.

Many schools do not each life lessons and so their graduates end up not knowing how to live life as a grownup. if you are a homeschooling parent, you have a great opportunity to make sure that your children learn important life skills together with their academics.

Here are some examples of life lessons that you can teach your children at home.

Home economics classes are not enough to teach a child how to live and take care of himself as an adult. If you are a homeschooling parent, you can teach your children how to cook and clean and incorporate these lessons in their daily life.

Encourage your children to clean as they go and not clean up after them like many schools do. It should be a part of every lesson to clear up and then it become a habit to them to clean as they go.

Teaching children how to budget is also important. A lot of people have never been taught how to budget and this is why when they grow up they get into financial trouble. Budgeting is not taught in school and is not part of the math subject. This is where the problem lies.

Budgeting can be taught through certain activities. Play shopping using play money can be used to teach budgeting. You can also go to a child friendly store like Anthill shop N play. Here you can give them a budget each and ask them to buy some items in that store. Another way to teach this is by giving your children an allowance which has to last for a month. They can use their money to pay for candies, toys, or activities, but it has to last them for a month.

Schools teach children to eat healthy and stay active but not to take care of oneself. And because of this a lot of children don’t know how to take care of their wellbeing effectively.

To help calm their minds and relax them, you can teach them meditation. To reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, teach them to use deep breathing. Art and other ways of self expression must be encouraged in children to find a way to express themselves.

As a homeschooling parents you have the opportunity to educate your children on these things. In the future, when they become adults all these life lessons can be applied to help them live normal, happy lives.