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Open Engagement: A Trend Set By The New Generation Lovers

Nowadays a man does not need to necessarily do a classic engagement proposal like getting down on his knees and proposing to the girl he loves. More and more people are turning to different kinds of engagement methods which is just as authentic as the traditional proposal. One of the most popular ways of giving an engagement ring to the girl of your dreams today is the so called open engagement. This is a kind of engagement where the proposal comes as no surprise to the girl as both parties have already agreed on it before the declaration happens. This kind of engagement is usually done by couples that has long term relationships where both parties are not concerned with the gender roles as long as they get married. The only remaining question here is how will you plan an open engagement with your love one?

Select A Perfect Date
One of the many benefits of an open engagement is that it allows both sides to choose the details that they can agree upon. One important detail of an engagement ceremony is the date it will be held. This does not only consist of the date and the time itself but also the experience and setting of the engagement. Just because it is not as surprising as a traditional engagement proposal doesn’t mean that the couple is not allowed to make a fantastic engagement happen. By sharing ideas with your significant someone, a fabulous and memorable engagement event can be planned and executed perfectly. Whenever you will be choosing a date for your engagement, make sure that it is a romantic day to give more meaning and romance. And above else, make sure that the chosen date is set to a day you both agreed on.

The engagement rings
The next perks that an open engagement provides to couples is that they will both be able to choose the engagement rings they will use for the proposal. This means that none of you will be waiting when it comes to getting an engagement ring. Alternatively, to preserve the excitement of thee event, you could surprise one another on what kinds of engagement ring you’ve got for each other. Each of you could shop independently for the engagement ring you will give to each other and make it a surprise on the day of the engagement. Or you could go together and choose the perfect engagement rings together so that you can find one that will cater to each of your tastes. What is most important here is that you will be able to choose engagement rings that will perfectly symbolize your love and devotion to each other.