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5 Simple and Pretty Gift Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is known to be the festival of lights and also the time when everyone is busy picking up Diwali gifts for the special people in their lives and also for their colleagues at work. The usual tradition of exchanging sweets and dry fruits has now changed as people are now exploring the different categories of gifts for Diwali. Right from personal gifts to corporate Diwali gifts, there are so many options right out there which one can consider gifting others.

Home Décor

Diwali is the time to give your home a decorative and revamped festive look. You may select wall hangings such as Shubh Labh, wooden sculptures, metal lanterns, etc. which brings prosperity and peace in our lives. You can also gift vibrant candle tea light holders which can redesign or give a finishing touch to your room. Statues and figurines are considered auspicious and lucky, especially for Diwali along with the traditional lighting of oil lamps and candles.

Gift Hampers

Gift your friends and family Diwali gift hampers. These hampers can consist of assorted chocolates, snacks, candies and sweets. One such type of hamper can be a pack of dry fruits, mini puja plate, sweets, incense sticks and a greeting card on Diwali. You can also include aromatic candles along with chocolates and a set of diyas. Such hampers are sure to spread cheer and happiness among everyone to whom you gift the hampers. These hampers also serve as the perfect Diwali gift for employees.

Handmade Candles

To add a personal touch to your Diwali gift, you can buy some fragrance oils and candle wax to make your own candles. Decorate the candles using some glitter, beads, glue and other craft supplies. Candles bring out warmth and add style to your home and also release a beautiful aroma which freshens as well as fragrances the air. They have always been a favorite Diwali gift as they are quite perfect and appropriate gifts for the festive mood.

Divinity Gifts

You can also go traditional on Diwali and present your near and dear ones with the idols of deities who are worshipped on the eve of Diwali. Besides the idols, you can also gift silver and gold coins as they are considered to be highly auspicious. These coins are considered as good luck charms and are usually engraved with various religious motifs such as Shree, Om, Swastika etc. Gift these statues to usher in happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Gift Vouchers

Gifting your near and dear ones with luxury store, restaurant, and spa or holiday vouchers is one of the latest Diwali gifting trends. This gives them the freedom to purchase their own gift of their own choice. Such luxury vouchers give your loved ones a refreshing lease of life and those receiving this gift, will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness. The gift vouchers are available in a variety of price range to suit your pocket and give a liberty to the other person to pick their desired gift.

The Last Words

These were few simple gift ideas for the occasion of Diwali which are sure to brighten up the receiver’s day. These gifts can also be accompanied by a greeting card to add up to the gift.