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How to Choose the Ideal Wedding Gift?

All of us love attending a family or friends’ wedding (it’s a great reason to crack open the champers!). However, getting ready to attend isn’t always quite as exciting as we may hope. There is likely travel and accommodation to plan, an outfit to buy and, of course, a wedding gift for the newlyweds.

Regardless of whether the happy couple views your attendance at the wedding as a gift in itself, you still want to give at least a token to celebrate a special day for people who are very special in your life. At times the couple may ask for donations to be given to a charity instead of gifts, but having a present to give is always a nice thing to do.  A good idea is to give something that will make the couple remind them of their wedding day for years to come or even something that can be passed down through generations. For such gift ideas, Silver and Pewter have a wide range of gift options that are bound to make any wedding memorable.

What to Think About When Choosing the Ideal Wedding Gift

Choosing the perfect present for a wedding can be a rather challenging task. By tradition, weddings gifts were household items. However, since many people are already living together when they get married, they likely already have their home ‘kitted out’. It’s for this reason we have compiled a guide to help you choose the best wedding gift.

Think About the Couple’s Situation

In today’s world, not all couples get married in their early twenties, move in together, then have their children and later stay forever in blissful love and harmony.

The truth of the matter is that nowadays, many couples who get married have already been married before, are co-habiting spouses or live apart.

That is why choosing a gift that matches the circumstances of the couple has become even more important. Don’t just stick to tradition and choose a cutlery set or a dinner service.

Consider the Gift Size

Many newlyweds will already have everything in order in their home, so a large present may have no place. Consider a small, yet a special gift that they can keep on display.

Avoid Gift Vouchers

Trust us on this one! There is nothing more boring than a voucher as a gift. Granted, at first you may think they are ideal but in reality, they are anything but perfect!

A gift that is unique and will bring back wedding day memories is much more special than the ability to head to their local department store and spend a set amount of money.

Check Out Hampers and Gift Boxes

Hampers and gift boxes filled with a variety of gifts can make the ideal present. There are a number of choices available that are ideal as a wonderful wedding gift.

If you decide to opt for a ‘house warming‘ type of gift, then be sure you take the couple’s style into account. If the gift is for the home, then you must fully understand the taste of the couple, their colour scheme and what they already have in their home. No happy couple wants to worry about mismatching cushions in their living area or a sleek toaster in a country cottage style kitchen.

It all comes down to is the excitement of seeing people you love get married. Make sure your presents are sure to make a loving impression with the happy couple.