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How to pick the best shirt for your body type

Shirts are a staple of most men’s wardrobes; however, too many people make buying decisions for this type of clothing without considering whether the item in question is right for their body type.

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To battle back against shirt style ambivalence, here are some tips on picking shirts that complement your shape.

Basic fitting guide

Some of the aspects of fitting a shirt are set in stone, while others are a little looser in terms of how you define them; for example, collar size dictates both the comfort levels for the wearer and the overall look of the shirt from a third-party perspective. You should ideally be able to slide two fingers into the collar when it is fully closed, giving you room to manoeuvre and still providing a neat, formal finish.

Sleeve length should be judged on the position of your wrists – the cuff should finish two or three centimetres below your wrist bone to provide the ideal levels of coverage.

In terms of the amount of material that should be in the shirt to get the best look and fit, trying it on is essential. With the shirt buttoned up, pull the front away from you. If you have more than eight centimetres of wiggle room, it is too big; any less and the shirt may be a little restrictive.

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Buying quality mens Farah shirts from sites such as will give you a good head start in terms of overall tailoring and fit, enabling you to build from there.

Shirt colour

When it comes to colour, simplicity is often the best rule to follow, especially if you are buying a shirt for a formal occasion. With around one-quarter of a million weddings each year in the UK, the classic white shirt look may be high on your wish list.

Alternatives are available, with black shirts proving popular when correctly paired with appropriately-coloured suit jackets and trousers. Pink shirts are also a good choice, fitting well with contemporary fashion trends and feeling appropriate at the office or the altar.

Remember that your body type should be considered when buying a shirt and that there are plenty of different options, from slim fit designs that give definition to skinnier men to bigger, bolder styles appropriate for gym fans.