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How to Spread Smile in the Life of Someone in Shillong?

When you are away from your loved ones, sending gifts, bouquets of flowers and other items becomes all the more important. All these items helps in establishing an effective relationship with your special ones and helps in bridging the gap.

If you really feel that the relationship between you and your loved ones is going through testing times, this blog can be your guide. Here are some of the exciting gift ideas that can help you maintain cordial relationship with your special ones in Shillong.

Send them a bunch of lovely flowers- Flowers are a perennial gift item that can help you maintain perfect relationship between you and your loved ones. You can send flowers to Shillong through the reliable and quick shipping services of Ferns N Petals that can deliver flowers to your special ones on the same day itself. There are wide range of flowers like Rose, Tulips, Gerberas, Lilies and other varieties that can make the day of your loves ones.

Send them a box of homemade cookies and delicacies- There would certainly be a homemade food item that would be a hot favorite for your special friend. It is certain that he/she might be craving for that lovely cookie or delicacy for a long time. Why not pamper your good old friend with the sweet delicacy from your mother? It would certainly be a lovely gift for him/her and will be cherished for a long time.

Send a beautiful pendant- If you want to send something that could be retained by him/her for a long time, you need to think about gifting a jewelry item. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to gift something in Gold, Silver or Diamond. There are lots of jewelry items such as a pendant, bracelet, ear rings, rings and other items that are made up of inexpensive metals and do not come with hefty price tag. It will definitely be a great mood enhancer and will strengthen the strong bond of friendship between you and your friend.


Buy a personalized cushion for your loved ones- In case you don’t want to buy jewelry items, or do not want to send flowers to Shillong, here is the another option for you. You can buy personalized cushions for your special ones with a beautiful friendship picture, a cute message for your friend or any other thing. It will definitely be a refreshing change in your gifting strategy and will be appreciated by your receiver to a great extent.

Surprise them with a visit- If you want to give your special ones an unforgettable moment on his/her birthday, it will be a great idea to offer him/her a surprise visit. This will serve as a memorable birthday event for your friend, so plan it now.

With all the above tips, you can easily make the day of your loved ones in Shillong really exciting. So, practice these valuable tips and you can effortlessly bring smile on the face of your special ones.