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Products to be wary of if you have sensitive skin

Dealing with sensitive skin can feel like an ongoing battle, and not knowing which products could trigger symptoms ranging from redness, irritation and itching, to flaking and even pain, makes everyday skin care a real challenge.

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Trying out various products in the hope of not having a bad reaction is both expensive and frustrating, and as many sufferers don’t know which ingredients are best avoided, checking every item carefully is not a 100{449b408f8c3c8a950e8b34c74226beafa1df4b3df7dc6074ca4324cbee7070af} reliable gauge.

The good news is that by following a few simple guidelines when choosing beauty care products it is possible to avoid distressing your skin.

Skip the scents

Although fragrance-free products may seem a little boring they are always the best choice as it is impossible to know which chemicals have been used to create an artificial scent. If you have a reaction to a perfumed product there is no way to trace the root cause so it can be avoided in the future. If smelling of something is important to you chose a product with a naturally occurring scent.

Patch test hair dyes

Many hairdressers now insist clients wanting their hair dyed do a skin test to determine any reaction to the colourant; something which home use dye kits have advised for many years. If you are prone to skin reactions to other things opt for a hair colouring product which is (PPD) paraphenylenediamine free.

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Be wary of preservatives

Water based beauty products need help to remain usable for long enough, but some, such as parabens, can irritate skin, especially if you already have a condition such as eczema or psoriasis; while others, like methylisothiazolinone are very toxic.

Ban sulphates

Sulphates are added to facial washes to create foam but as they draw oil from the skin the risk of dryness and irritation afterwards is very high.

Wise buys

If you have wasted enough time experimenting with beauty products to find something usable, the practical solution is to choose something specially designed to be kind to your skin, such as an Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set which can be bought online at This type of product can be bought and used with confidence, which is worth a lot.

Living with sensitive skin does take more effort to source safe products, but the results are worth it.