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Ski Helmets for Women

Ski helmets are so important,they can quite literally save your life. They have a vital job to do in protecting your head from injury, leaving you free to enjoy the thrill of the ski slopes, without getting yourself into a dangerous situation. And with so many stylish ski helmet designs around, it’s easier than ever to look great as you explore the terrain, without worrying about your safety.

If you’re in the market for a new ski helmet, there are a number of things to consider.

Your ski helmet should be…

  • Safety regulated
  • Lightweight
  • Well-fitting
  • Ventilated
  • Compatible to you

First and foremost, it’s not just a fashion statement your ski helmet is a piece of safety equipment and should have been tested accordingly. All ski helmet are certified and graded to tell the wearer how they performed in official safety testing. Although certifications vary depending on where you are in the world, your ski helmet should clearly state its level of safety certification. You can then compare and contrast this to find a level that you are happy with.

Your skihelmet shouldn’t slow you down, so always check that it’s made from light weight material. Most helmets are molded from an ultra-light polycarbonate plastic, fiber glass or carbon fibre shell. All of which are more than capable of dealing with impact, but are also comfortably lightweight for the wearer. These injection-molded helmets are cleverly crafted in order to give you the most streamlined finish, without compromising on protection.

 A well-fitting ski helmet should be snug enough that it doesn’t slip down at all. With many of the best ski helmets featuring adjustable chin straps, you should be able to tighten your helmet fully, incorporating your goggles and any other head wear that you choose to wear.

Despite the chilly temperatures of your average ski slope, your helmet still needs to be well-ventilated in order to let body heat escape and keep you comfortable at all times. Many womens ski helmets will feature vents and liners that make it easy for the skin to breathe, despite so much of it needing to be covered.

Last but not least, your ski helmet is a personal choice. With so many stylish designs available, you can find a ski helmet that will make you feel great, as well as vitally keeping you well-protected. You need to decide whether to invest in a multiple impact ski helmet, which is built to last, or whether you take a chance on a more temporary fix with a single impact ski helmet, that will need replacing if it suffers a blow.

 The choice is yours and your options are vast, so don’t waste any more time wondering and get searching for your perfect ski helmet today.