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What should you know about facial sheet masks?

Facial sheet masks are having something of a moment in the beauty industry; in fact, they are this year’s contouring. They are in every magazine and newspaper beauty column, with celebs, bloggers and everyone else sharing pictures of themselves in these strange-looking masks on Instagram and Snapchat. What is so good about them and what should you know before you try them out for yourself?

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Facial sheet masks originated in Asia, like so many other big beauty trends of the past few years. They are basically ultra-thin cotton sheet masks that have been soaked in a special formula that aims to address any number of skin concerns. You simply pop them on your face, wait for the recommended length of time, and then remove. As Marie Claire points out (, they are also great for holidays, as they are super lightweight and take up practically no space in your suitcase.

Before you use a face mask for the first time you should ensure that you give yourself time test them out before you attend a special event such as a wedding. You will have spent time and money finding the perfect Wedding Guest Dresses and chosen the one you like the most from places such as and the last thing you want is a bright red face to go with it.

Here is everything else you need to know.

You should still use your regular face masks

If you use a face mask as part of your weekly skincare routine, sheet masks will not replace this. Sheet masks are not typically designed to clean or exfoliate your skin deeply, as many traditional face masks do. What they can do is infuse your skin with specific minerals and nutrients that you might be lacking.

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They are great for hydration

Dry or dehydrated skins are particularly suited to sheet masks, which can instantly increase the water content of the skin. They are perfect for a quick pick-me-up if you want to give dehydrated or dull skin a boost before a night out or special occasion. If you have particularly dry skin, a balm such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm used on the driest parts of your skin in conjunction with a moisturising sheet mask can work wonders. Balms that target problem dry skin and can soothe the dryness and make your skin more comfortable.

On the other hand, those with acne should probably steer clear of most sheet masks. They can increase the temperature of the skin by several degrees, which can also increase bacteria levels. If you are acne-prone, test out a sheet mask on a small patch of skin before using it on your whole face.

Finally – don’t forget your selfie!